Green Beauty: Natural and Organic cruelty-free skincare made in Australia

You are probably familiar with this saying, “you will never regret a workout”. Well, my take on this is “you will never regret investing in skincare” in good skincare that is.

Whether you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, acne, clogged pores or would like to prevent sun damage and ageing, it’s likely that you are using some products to target these concerns and improve your skin. Did you know that skincare are often packed with nasties? Anything that you apply topically eventually makes its way into your bloodstream so you really want to be researching the products that you use. It’s not optional, it’s a must!

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My journey to cruelty free beauty

Over a year ago, I vouched to stop buying makeup that was tested on animals. I made a decision to purchase cosmetics more consciously and it also extended to skincare, hair and body products, toothpaste, hand soap, etc.

Cruelty-free makeup

Slowly, I replaced my ’empties’ with cruelty-free or vegan options and went on to discover pretty cool brands along the way.

I revived my love for Lush and even turned it into a semi-addiction, re-explored my Urban Decay and Too Faced collection and tried Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Charlotte Tilbury makeup for the first time.

Going completely cruelty-free comes with its challenges and sacrifices, but I wouldn’t go back.

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Best Winter Jumpers

A winter wardrobe wouldn’t be a winter wardrobe without at least a few good jumpers.

My definition of a good jumper you ask? Well, it must be comfy, snugly and stylish.

Whether you are looking for the perfect 9-5 jumper, something to keep you warm on a date night or the coziest knit to hang around the house, there are plenty of colourful pieces, soft materials, playful sleeves and cheeky slogans to choose from.

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NEW Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Foundation – Review

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation
Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation


The new Marc Jacobs Beauty ‘Shameless’ foundation provides a youthful look with a 24h power stay and spf 25. It technically has everything you’d want in a foundation and even comes in 29 shades to complement all skin tone.

The Shameless foundation contains a first to market technology that encapsulates the spf in pigment. This innovation makes the spf invisible, resulting in no flashback in photos and no ashy grey undertones in the formula.

The formulation is oil free with buildable medium coverage and a natural looking, self-setting finish. You can read more about Marc Jacobs ‘Shameless’ foundation here.

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My top 10 favourite perfumes

Elie Saab Girl Of Now
Elie Saab Girl Of Now

Is it true that a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting? And if it is true, what would your signature scent say about you?

Perfumes and colognes are a very private affair, a matter of personal taste and perhaps even personality traits.

There are five categories of fragrances, all comprising scents being defined based on their ‘role’. The top or head notes are perceived immediately after application, but are light and evaporate quickly to make way for the middle/heart notes, the body of the perfume. Finally, we have the base notes that last for hours and bring depth to the perfume. The base notes are usually what attracts me the most in a fragrance, and all my perfumes have a very similar finish.

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Is the ‘sock boot’ the biggest trend to look out for this Autumn/Winter?


Sock Boots
Sock Boots

If you haven’t heard about the term ‘sock boot’ yet and wonder what I’m talking about, think about the comfort of a sock combined with a feminine shape and seductive heels.

I know, it sounds almost too good to be true, but fashion is full of surprises and if it’s trendy, pretty and comfy, I’ll sign up for it!

The ‘sock boot’ is predicted to be the ultimate trend to embrace this coming autumn and winter season.  They can be fun and versatile as they come in various textures and materials such as leather, velvet, satin and PVC and you can choose between midi, knee and thigh-highs.

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