Autumn lust list



Autumn Lust List
Autumn Lust List

A change of season is always very exciting… It means new opportunities, new beginnings, and most importantly, new wardrobe!!

A new season also means drastic changes in your skin care routine, fragrance-wear and choice of accessories.

There are 10 products I am currently coveting, some I’ll succumb to and some I’ll only dream of owning…

  1. Helen Moore Faux Fur Scarf
  2. Glass House Candle – Arabian Nights
  3. Lush chocolate lip scrub
  4. Alexander Wang Boots
  5. Too Faced Hangover Primer
  6. Tom Ford Lipstick – Purple Noon
  7. Gucci Handbag
  8. Forever New coat 
  9. Fendi Bag Charm
  10. Penhaligons Perfumes


What is on your ‘most-wanted list’ for Autumn?

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