Reaching for the stars

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know about my obsession for star print… Lucky me and other star lovers out there, they are back on trend!!

So, whether you’re looking for something discrete like a scarf or piece of jewellery to accessorise your outfit or if you really want to make a statement with a dress or bodysuit, I pulled out the best items to add to your wardrobe this season.

Reaching for the stars
Reaching for the stars
  1. Red Valentino Shopper 
  2. Misguided Mesh Bodysuit
  3. Sandro Star Guipure Lace Mini Dress
  4. Givenchy Star Intarsia Knitted Socks
  5. Forever New Lucy Star Scarf
  6. SkynnyDip Gold Silver Glitter Star Case
  7. Miu Miu Earrings
  8. Christian Louboutin Gravitanita Strass

10 Simple things I have learnt from visiting a beauty salon

Beauty Basket

When it comes to beauty and skincare, there are plenty of little things that we can do daily to prevent breakouts, slow-down the ageing process and improve skin texture but that we take for granted or don’t include in our beauty regime.

I’ve always been into makeup and beauty but I must admit my skincare routine was lacking… Being in my late 20’s now and having inherited a fairly dry skin, I am starting to freak out a bit about ageing and wanted to do something that my future self would thank me for.

After doing some research, I thought I’d give the dermafrac treatment a go.

If you are not familiar with this therapy, it involves 4 steps combining microdermbrasion, microneedling , product infusion and light therapy.  I visited ‘Skindeep‘ in Perth on the 15th April and after the treatment, ended up signing for their 4 weeks ‘skin bootcamp’. I treated my skin to 4 medi-spa treatments (alternating dermafrac and omnilux), 4 detox booth sessions and gathered some very good tips along the way!

  1. Stop touching your face! 
  2. Wash your hands, often
  3. Drink at least 2L of water per day
  4. Invest in good quality skincare (yes, it is expensive but it’s worth it!)
  5. Clean your make up brushes weekly
  6. Change your pillow case after each professional treatment 
  7. Get to know your skin and its needs
  8. Apply SPF 50 on your skin daily
  9. Remove your make up (being drunk is no excuse!)
  10. Don’t be scared to seek professional assistance or guidance

Since then, I have upgraded my skincare routine and have followed the above tips to the letter. My skin looks and feels better already, the texture has improved, I breakout less often and have a brighter younger and healthier looking skin (Bonus being I already received compliments about my skin!)

What is the top beauty tips you wish you knew when you were younger?