Those are a few of my favourite things…

The last ‘monthly favourites‘ featured on The Little Glam Blog goes way back to September, and was all about beauty products so I thought this time I’ll make it mostly about fashion.

Those are a few of my favourite things
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If you are following me on Instagram  you’d know that I have a mild (and by mild I actually mean quite serious) obsession over stripes, and what I particularly call ‘French-type stripes’. You know, the classic navy and white stripes that French people used to accessorise with a beret and red scarf?

I am also a star junkie. I like anything that has stars on them, and sometimes need to think twice before I compulsively buy items just because ‘OMG, this is so cute, staaaaaars alert!!’

I have always been a huge fan of glitters, sparkles, sequins, bling bling, anything that shines and reflects the light. Maybe I was a magpie in a previous life…

This month I also have a massive crush on Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag, especially the fuschia as it’s my signature colour. It comes in a variety of shades and prints and is perfect to carry essentials.

Should we talk about rose gold? It’s been around for a while but I cannot see this trend disappear anytime soon. My boyfriend got me a beautiful Michael Kors’ watch for Christmas (it is the one featured above) and I absolutely adore it.

As it’s still very much summer here in Perth, I don’t leave the house without my cat-eye sunnies and tend to wear less make up. I use a bronzer daily to achieve a nice golden finish and often wear Charlotte Tilbury’s lipstick, ‘The Queen’ is one of my favourite matte shade at the moment. Last but not least, I spray a generous amount of Jo Malone ‘Myrrh & Tonka’ Cologne before heading out.

What are your favourites this month?

PS: If you have a blog or vlog,  feel free to leave a comment below.

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