Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Elena, I am Belgian girl who feels like a Londoner at heart and now lives in Perth (Western Australia).

I mostly write about trends, designers, fashion icons and beauty reviews but this blog will also highlight my passion for the finest things in life including exquisite food and dreamy travel destinations.

Want to know me better? Here’s 10 things you may or may not know about me…

  1. Favourite prints: leopard, houndstooth, stars and anything that sparkles and sine
  2. Dream bag: Birkin – Hermes (a girl can dream!)
  3. Fashion icon: DVF, she is an incredible source of inspiration
  4. Beauty obsession: lipstick
  5. Date night: high-end Japanese restaurant and cocktails with a view
  6. Top travel destinations: Canada for exploring, Kenya for a safari, Vietnam for the flavoursome food and a tropical Island like Maldives, Fiji or Mauritius to soak up the view and relax
  7.  Shoe style: high-heels or ankle boots
  8. Iphone vs Android: Iphone all the way!
  9. Signature colour: many shades of pink
  10. Guilty pleasures: dark chocolate, cheese, Made in Chelsea and browsing the Daily Mail online

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