Those are a few of my favourite things…

The last ‘monthly favourites‘ featured on The Little Glam Blog goes way back to September, and was all about beauty products so I thought this time I’ll make it mostly about fashion.

Those are a few of my favourite things
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If you are following me on Instagram  you’d know that I have a mild (and by mild I actually mean quite serious) obsession over stripes, and what I particularly call ‘French-type stripes’. You know, the classic navy and white stripes that French people used to accessorise with a beret and red scarf?

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13 things every girl needs to own this summer

13 things every girl needs to own this summer

Yes, Perth summer is finally upon us!

The sun is shining, the days seem a bit longer and the beaches are even more beautiful (as if it’s even possible!) but the dry heat and warm weather mean we need to be prepared. From the best in fashion to beauty saviors and trendy accessories, here are my top picks to rock the season.

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A quick and practical Christmas gift guide to please your loved ones

Christmas Gift GuideChristmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. What could be better than spending time with your loved ones, stuffing your belly and counting your blessings?

I particularly like giving gifts and often go slightly OTT but I know that for some, shopping for gifts can become a chore and a tedious task if unprepared. I wanted to compile a Christmas gift guide that was both quick to go through and practical so you could find something fitting for that special person.

We all have a friend who has the travel bug, a family member whose interior is always spot on or know someone with a killer fashion sense. For all the people in your life, there is the perfect gift out there and I hope this Christmas gift guide will help you find it!

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10 superfoods to add to your beauty regimen for glorious skin & hair


Superfoods are known for their rich nutrient content and healthy properties. While they are usually added to balanced meals or taken as supplements, superfoods are also active ingredients at the core of many beauty products.

Whether you are looking to even your skin tone, nourish your hair or prevent signs of ageing, superfoods have joined the beauty aisle and easy to include in your skin or hair care routine for long-lasting benefits.

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My Bali list: 14 things you must do on your next trip



With its close proximity (especially from Perth, with only three and a half hours flight journey), humongous list of things to do and great weather all year round, Bali is the go to destination for many Australians.

Peaceful mountains, breathtaking jungle view and endless beaches, Bali got it all! And even if you have made this beautiful island your second home, there are always new places to visit and plenty of things to do. My recent (and only second) trip to Bali, inspired me to make a list of things I enjoyed doing during my stay and that you should try too.

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Melbourne Cup 2017 Fashion Ideas

Melbourne Cup 2017

Melbourne Cup is all about glitz and glam (oh, and horses, maybe…) The perfect occasion to showcase your styling skills and outshine fashionistas alike in a battle of style.

We’ll all agree that any race outfits should include a glamorous dress, luxe handbag and of course, la pièce de résistance, a statement headpiece!

This season’s key trends are:

  • Off the shoulder, ruffles or floral dresses
  • Halo hat, crown or turban headwear
  • Circle, straw or bamboo arm candy

I have combined the hottest trends, resulting in 3 banging outfits that are guaranteed to propel you on the spotlight, all you have to do is watch your drinking and stay classy!

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